Billy MacTavish

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My editing skills acknowledged with a Telly (2010), an Accolade Award of Merit (2011), a Gold REMI and Golden Ace (2012) awards, an Audience Choice Nomination (2016), and a Bronze REMI (2017). As a result, filmmakers have successfully shopped their projects and ideas to major television studios and producers in Hollywood.

Editor / Audio Editor / Post Supervisor / Post Producer

The following spec television pilot, The Caveman Theory, won an  Accolade, a REMI, and Golden Ace awards. In addition to being the Editor, I was also the Cinematographer on this project.

The following demo reel video is an example of my editing skills for a documentary. I did not shoot, nor attend this event. The client provided over 27 hours of raw video footage shot with three different consumer grade camcorders. Their requirements were to show all of the youth and keep the final film to less than an hour in length. The client provided the raw media, 15 days before it was due. I spent many long days reviewing, selecting, choosing footage, finding the story, editing and authoring a custom multi-menu interactive DVD. The final program was delivered on time and was well accepted.

This making of documentary shows some of the "magic" of visual effects that I created for a short film. It is an example of the hard work, time and effort that goes into making you not see what's actually in an effects-laden movie. The film Seeds was nominated for an audience choice award for The Zone Scifi Film Race in 2016.

I saw Star Wars, (later retitled A New Hope,) 11 times in the theater when it first came out in 1977 & 1978, even standing in lines that wrapped around Houston's historic Alabama Theater as a young pre-teen. Star Wars is the reason I became a filmmaker in the first place. It was a labor of love to make this video with my friends which I shot and edited in May 2017.