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Billy MacTavish

(281) 389-8683

Award Winning Cinematography & Editing

A hard working filmmaker who captures and assembles award-winning visual images. Experienced in the latest industry best practices, equipment use, and software.

Expert in designing lighting styles and look needed for any genre or mood required to tell the story.

Experience managing both large or small crews. Works well with others or alone, maintains a cheerful persona under challenging and stressful situations.

A focused self-starter, who is willing to sacrifice. Able to complete projects within budget and on-time with a proven track record of success.

Dear Producer,

As an experienced award winning cinematographer, I am very interested in working on your next production.

My drive and dedication to succeed have made me a valuable team member for almost 30 years on documentaries, industrials, commercials and feature films.

If you are interested in having a Director of Photography on your staff whose last major project won a Golden Ace, an Accolade, and a Remi, then, I am the passionate, successful, award winning cinematographer your company is looking for!

Please email or call me at (281) 389-8683.